Lake Elementary School 
2002-03 Ohio Reads Grant

Reading improvement has been established as a primary goal for the next five years.
Thanks to a $60,000 
Ohio Reads Grant from the State of Ohio, the Lake Elementary reading program will have many new tools to support student growth! 

A special Family Math & Reading Night was held in February.
A Lake Border's Books Weekend will be held for our families on May 3-4.

Reference and early reading book sets were purchased for the classrooms.
We'll celebrate Ohio's Bicentennial with a special May reading & history day.

Hundreds of new Accelerated Reader quizzes have been added to the A.R. program.

S.T.A.R. Early Literacy software was purchased to assess student progress in grades K-2.

Staff received additional training to empower their teaching of reading.
More than 100 Literacy Skills Tests are being added to the A.R. program.

Hundreds of new books for the Lake Media Center have been added to the collection.